Hop English Golding (100 gr)

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Hop English Golding (100 gr)

English Golding hops, offered here in 100 gram pellets, are one of the most popular English variants. It belongs to the same family as East Kent Golding, but is grown in different areas of England. English Golding hops, on sale online at Polsinelli Enologia, are characterised by a particularly bitter, slightly spicy aroma, a peculiar feature of British beers. In fact, it is ideal for producing various styles, such as Bitter, Extra Special Bitter, Porter, Stout, Ale and Saison. It also has an alpha acid content of between 4.5 and 6.5%. Substitutes with more similar properties are Golding and Progress. The hops are obtained by milling and pressing into small grains and shipped vacuum-packed, in a practical aluminium bag heat-sealed to preserve all the peculiarities.


  • Packaging: 100 g vacuum packed in a heat-sealed aluminium bag
  • Ingredients: Hops; may contain traces of oats, spelt, wheat, barley, rye.
  • Country of origin: United kingdom
  • Alpha Acids : 4,5% - 6,5%
  • Usage:Aroma and Bittering
  • Beer styles: English Styles, IPA, APA, Porter, Stout e Barley Wine
  • Substitutes: Golding, Progress
  • Pellets T90

 Warning: The percentage of Alpha acids and beta acids may change between different lots and therefore deviate from the value indicated in this table.

Technical description

100 Gr. - Pellets T90

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