Vacuum-sealed food bags

In Polsinelli Enologia’s store you can also find all kinds of accessories and products required to conserve food. In our catalogue you will see vacuum sealed bags specifically made to conserve food; they are ideal for the long term conservation of all kinds of food, whether fresh or cooked, to be stored either at room temperature or in fridges and freezers.

The purpose of food vacuum-sealed bags is to ensure that the food does not come into contact with air or other gases, thus avoiding any kind of contamination by foreign bodies. But they also serve to slow down natural deterioration, increasing the conservation time of your food.

The mechanism behind vacuum sealed food conservation is quite simple. All you have to do is place the food to be conserved inside one of our food bags, and remove all the air using our machine for vacuum packing, which will safely seal the container.

Our food products will then be ready for storage or else to be cooked, since the bags can also be used to either steam or cook your food in boiling water, or otherwise you just freeze it for a period of time amounting to two or three times longer than under normal conditions.

You will find food vacuum bags in our food accessories section, which includes not only the device for removing air, but also a food dehydrator, which serves to remove any moisture before placing your foods in a vacuum sealed bag. These airtight bags allow you keep food fresh for a far longer time than any other method of conservation.

Not only are the foodsaver bags perfect for food, they have an outer layer of resistant polyethylene, with one marked side designed to draw out the air efficiently. Visit the Polsinelli Enologia store and look for the food vacuum bags on sale online at discount prices. Check out the best deals and start conserving your food in the best possible way.