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Vacuum food sealer machine

Food conservation using food vacuum sealers is becoming increasingly widespread. In Polsinelli Enologia’s online store we have all the highest quality food sealing machines available on the market at mouth-watering discount prices.

Take advantage of these exceptional offers and you can purchase one of our food packing machines perfectly designed for a variety of uses, either professional or simply for the home. There are a wide range of different models available for you to select the one that best suits your needs.

The way a foodsaver vacuum sealer works is really quite simple; you just put the cooked or raw food to preserve into your seal bags and place these inside the sealing chamber, where all the air inside will be removed before the process of heat sealing begins.

This allows the food to be conserved for much longer periods of time, which in certain cases is as much as three times the standard length of time, which is why food sealer have brought about a revolution in food conservation, making it possible to reduce waste in both domestic households and public restaurants alike.

Our classic vacuum food sealing machines are equipped with a precision seal gauge that measures the exact degree of sealing and an air-tight mechanism used to heat-seal both food bags and containers.

Vacuum food sealing to preserve food often involves a dehydration process, performed with food dehydrators which you can find in the relevant sections of shops selling equipment and accessories for this purpose. Once you have a vacuum food sealer machine and a food dehydrator you will no longer be wasting fridge food and you’ll also save money.

Visit Polsinelli Enologia’s shop and discover all the special offers we have on foodsaver vacuum sealers at low prices. An online purchase that will improve the quality of your everyday life.

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