Terms of sales  

LEGISLATIVE DECREE 196/2003: in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree Article 196 no. 13 dated 2003 your personal details are used and processed for a proper management of obligatory statutory and tax fulfilments. 

General requirements 
These conditions are only valid between POLSINELLI ENOLOGIA SRL Co. Ltd, 323, Carnello St, Isola del Liri, 03036  (FR), P.I. 02380340600 and any person making online purchases on the website www.polsinelli.it hereinafter referred to as  "CUSTOMER". These conditions may be subject to changes. Available online date is equivalent to the effective date.  
These general conditions discipline purchases made on www.polsinelli.it site, in accordance with Article no. 50 and other following ones belonging to Legislative Decree no. 206 dated 6th September 2005, Consumer Code, Section II, Chapter I, the third Title belonging to the third Part, which should be consulted on the basis of Article no. 60 of the Consumer Code.

ARTICLE 1 – Contract purpose
With these general conditions of sale, Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd sells while the CUSTOMER does remote shopping by buying tangible movable items specified and offered for sale on the site www.polsinelli.it. The contract between the Supplier and the Purchaser  is conducted exclusively over the Internet by the CUSTOMER access to the site www.polsinelli.it and the realisation of a purchase according to the procedure provided for in the site itself.  

ARTICLE 2 - Conclusion and effectiveness of the contract
1.The sale is then completed when Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd sends the CLIENT an order confirmation e-mail which will contain the CLIENT ‘s details as well as the ones concerning the order, the price of the goods purchased, the costs of transport and the shipping address to which the goods will be sent. The CLIENT undertakes to verify the correctness of all data written in the order confirmation e-mail, and to promptly notify any corrections.
2. Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd undertakes to describe and show the items sold on the site in the best possible way. Nevertheless, some errors, inaccuracies or small differences may result between the site and the actual product. Furthermore, the product images shown on www.polsinelli.it do not constitute a contractual element because they are only representative.
3. For orders which are less than € 1,000.000 , Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd undertakes to deliver the goods within 30 days from the day following the date of the order confirmation by the CUSTOMER.

ARTICLE 3 –  Availability of products
1. The availability of the products refers to the one which is present at the moment when the CUSTOMER consults product data sheets. However, this must be regarded as merely indicative because, owing to the simultaneous presence of multiple users on the site, the products could be sold to other users before the Client confirms his/her order.
2. Even after sending the e-mail confirmation order by Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd, there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of the goods. In that case, the CUSTOMER will be promptly informed so as to be able to decide whether to accept delivery of the only available products or to request a cancellation of the order by communicating via e-mail to info@polsinelli.it

ARTICLE 4 – Payment methods
1. Any payment by the CUSTOMER can be made on www.polsinelli.it site by credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer. For payments made by credit card or PayPal, if the unavailability of a product is ascertained after an order has been filed and the amount has been blocked on the card, Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd will undertake any necessary steps with the payment operator to cancel the transaction related to the goods which are not available. The actual charge of the order amount will only take place when the order is complete and ready for shipment.
2. Communications relating to the payment and the details provided by the CUSTOMER when the payment is made take place on special secure lines, using all guarantees according to the security protocols provided by the payment circuits.

ARTICLE 5 – Prices
1. All sale prices of the products shown on www.polsinelli.it site are in Euros and include VAT. 2.The shipping costs are not included in the purchase price, but they are indicated and calculated at the conclusion of the buying process before payment. 3.The CUSTOMER accepts that Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd  has the right to modify one’s own prices at any time. However, the goods will be invoiced on the basis of the prices listed on the site at the time of the order and confirmed in the email sent by Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd as a confirmation of order acquisition.
2. Transport costs do not include any customs clearance costs that will be charged to the recipient and which will be handled in the destination country by the designated courier.

ARTICLE 6 – Refund policy
In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the CUSTOMER has the right to withdraw from the purchase without penalty and without specifying a reason, within a period of 14 days provided by law, starting from the date of delivery of the products.
2. If the CLIENT decides to exercise this right, he/she will have to create a PAID BACK-computerized procedure by sending an e-mail to: spedizioni2@polsinelli.it. The goods will have to be sent back to POLSINELLI ENOLOGIA Co. Ltd, 323, Carnello st., 03036, Isola del Liri (FR). By law, the shipping costs for sending back must be paid by the CLIENT. The goods must be returned intact in its original packaging, complete with all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, cables, etc.) with the attached tax records. Without prejudice to the right to verify compliance with the above, Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd will refund the amount of products in case of withdrawal as soon as possible and within a maximum period of 30 days. The CLIENT will have to bear both the cost of the return of the goods and of bank records.
3. In case of receiving products which are defective or not complying with orders, the CUSTOMER must notify, according to Article no. 132 of the Consumer Code, by e-mail to: spedizioni2@polsinelli.it within two months from noticing the lack of conformity. Subsequently, the customer will proceed to the returning of the product by specifying whether he/she wants to replace the item or if he/she wants to get a refund. Polsinelli Enologia Co Ltd will then contact the courier that will collect the goods according to one’s own availability. Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd reserves the right to verify the contested non-compliance and if that is confirmed Polsinelli Enologia Co Ltd will ship the replacement or refund by crediting the card used by the customer for his/her purchase.
4. Products made to measure and/or customised are not eligible for return unless there are obvious defects in conformity.

ARTICLE 7 – Product warranty 
All products shown on the site www.polsinelli.it benefit from a contractual guarantee the duration of which is quoted on the product data sheets of papers. In any case, all products benefit from the legal guarantee of 24 months for lack of conformity, in accordance with current legislation. To use the warranty, the CUSTOMER must keep the invoice.

ARTICLE 8 – Details of delivery
Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd will accept orders from around the world. The products will be delivered by a courier to the address indicated by the CLIENT in his/her order.
2. For every order placed on the site www.polsinelli.it, Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd will invoice the material which is shipped. The information provided by the CUSTOMER during the purchase process shall be authentic for a printed invoice. After the issue of the invoice, any changes to the data indicated will not be possible.

ARTICLE 9 – Taking on responsability
Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd has no responsibility for inefficiencies due to force majeure  or unforeseeable circumstances, as well as for Internet-linked inefficiencies (connection trouble, malfunctions and so on). 
The availability of each article is for information only. It does not have a contractual nature and cannot be assigned to the seller's responsibility in the event of unavailability of one or more products.

ARTICLE 10 – Access to the website
The CUSTOMER has the right to access the site for consulting and making purchases. Any other use of the site or its content including the commercial one is not allowed. The integrity of the elements of this site, both visual or acoustic, and the relative technology being used remain the property of Polsinelli Enologia Co. Ltd and are protected by intellectual property law.

ARTICLE 11 – Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is possible. This payment method has an additional estimated cost of € 5 as expected by the courier.

ARTICLE 12 – The smaller islands
Unfortunately our special rate is not possible for shipments on the smaller islands The price of shipping will then be calculated from time to time according to the destination and will be communicated to the customer before the order confirmation. 


Can I take an order by phone?
Sorry, but we cannot take an order by phone.

Is there a minimum of order?
No, there isn’t a minimum of order.

It is possible to have a discount for an order of about 500,00€?
Sorry, but there isn’t any discount.

When it could be possible to receive the invoice of my oder?
The invoice is issued at the time of shipment; the copy of the invoice will be sent by email in the following days. The electronic invoice is sent to the Revenue Agency at weekly intervals. If you have not received your invoice, you can send an email to amministrazione1@polsinelli.it.

May I have a code of encouragement to buy for the first time on your site?
Sorry, but it’s not possible to receive a discount.

I am going to make an order on your website but it says “orderable” what does it means?
An item can be ordered if it is produced directly by the company and you have to wait for the processing to be completed or if the company is waiting for the product ordered from our supplier to be delivered to us.

I need to purchase a product on the website but it is sold out; How do I know when it will be back in stock?
Click on the “tell me when it is available” button and you will receive an email as soon as it is available.

When does my goods arrive?
Please, send an email to spedizioni2@polsinelli.it or contact the number 0776869068 int.212.

Is there a minimum of order for which the shipment is free?
Yes, free shipping is provided on more than 1500 items with a purchase over 99€. At the following address you will find all the information about the Free Shipping promotion. https://www.polsinelli.it/zerospese.html

I made an order on the site and I received the confirmation email, but the status of the order is “canceled” what is the problem? When my order arrives?
The order was canceled because the payment was not valid. For this reason, it is necessary to make a new order on our site.

Can I pay the order directly on delivery?
Yes, you can pay cash on delivery. Inside the cart, it is possible to select the method of payment you prefer, but cash on delivery is not valid abroad.

I have already done the order, but I need to change it, what should I do?
In the section "Orders", on your profile, you can modify the order. At the bottom there is a space where you can send messages and where you can write your request for modification. To prevent errors, it is recommended to write the article codes and the quantities directly to modify the order.

When I select my country, inside the cart, appears this message “We’re sorry, but for the chosen area, you will receive a quotation for the shipping cost”
You can proceed with the order by entering your data; the order is incomplete because transport costs are not insert for the selected country. The system cannot calculate it automatically, so you will shortly receive an updated copy of the order including transport costs.

Can I send the carrier to collect the order?
In the cart, you can select "Pick up at headquarters". Proceeding with the order, there will be a space for notes in which you can specify that you will send your courier for collection. As soon as the goods are ready, we will send you an email with the weight and dimensions of the packaging and the address of the warehouse to instruct your carrier.

My order on site is canceled but I received the confirmation email.
The system send automatically the email when you make the order but if the payment is not confirmed, the order is canceled. 

My order on the site is “canceled” but i made the payment.
If you have made the payment you can send a copy of it to amministrazione1@polsinelli.it to verify the problem. If the payment is ok, your order will be restored and placed in processing. On the contrary it could be necessary to make a new order and make the payment.

I was enable to pay for my order immediately and now I cannot go on, what can I do?
Your order will be canceled automatically for failed payment. It could be necessary to make a new order and make the payment.

The delivery of the order is for a third person which cannot received the copy of the invoice.
Usually, the order is sent without the paper invoice that it is sent to the billing email address. It could be better to specify the request in the notes of your order.

For countries where customs are required, do transport costs include clearance costs?
No, clearance is excluded from the costs provided by the site.

I have an Intra-community VAT number, how can I get prices without VAT?
In order to have prices without VAT, you have to register on our site as a company. The system will request to you all company details included intra-community VAT.

I have made the transfer, but I have not entered the order number in the reason of the payment.
You can send a copy of the transfer to amministrazione@polsinelli.it.

I made an order on your site, but I don’t receive any confirmation email. Was it successful?
If you have registered your data, you can login and verify the status of your order. In any case, you can send an email to export1@polsinelli.it or contact the number 0776869068 int. 216.

I would like to make and order on your site, but transport costs are too high. Is it possible to have a discount?
Sorry, but it’s not possible to have reductions on transport costs.

I made an order but it results “in processing”. Can I have the invoice?
You will receive a copy of the invoice by email when the order will be sent.

I need an official PDF quote for the bank, how can i request it?
On the site, you can follow the procedure to make an order, select bank transfer as method of payment and write in the notes of order that you want to receive an official PDF quote.

Is it possible to have a discount for quantities?
Each price are already on promotion, subsequently is not possible make orders on quantities.

Even if I am a private, can i make orders?
For sure.

Do you have a price list for retailers?
Sorry, but we haven’t a price list for retailers; in alternative you can be turn your account into retailer account and then you can buy items thanks to discount price list.

What is the discount provided for retailers?
There is a discount of about 15%, but there could be variation on some items.

We would like to be resellers of your items in our country, can we have the exclusivity?
We do not give the exclusivity of our products.

Do you have resellers outside Italy?
No, we haven’t official resellers of our products in any country. Our company sells products by ecommerce all over the world.

What are the purchasing conditions for enterprises?
If the company has valid EU VAT, there could be the possibility to buy products without paying VAT.

Is it possibile to have your reseller list? And how it is possible to become a reseller?
To access the retailer price list, it is necessary to make a first order (with no discount) and subsequently send to elisa@polsinelli.it the chamber of commerce certificate, which confirms that the company activity is in line with our sector.

Can I use the right of withdrawal?
Yes, for European legislation, the return is charged to the customer within 14 days of purchase.

I need to make a return. What is the procedure?
You can return the non-compliant item to the address POLSINELLI ENOLOGIA, VIA FERRAZZA 22, BROCCOSTELLA (FR) - 03030.
As soon as it returns to the warehouse we will check the condition of the items and if there are no issues we will prepare a credit note equal to the value of the returned items and then we will open a refund procedure. The time for the refund is about 7 days. If you want, you can place a new order on our website at any time, regardless of the return procedure. How long does it take to return a product?You can ask for the return of a product within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods by sending an email to info@polsinelli.it, as explained in Condition of sale.