Molds for making Cheese

Polsinelli Enologia supplies a great variety of tools for processing food. Some help preserve food longer as food dryers, others facilitate time consuming tasks as dough mixers which can knead all types of dough. While these fullfil more common needs, Polsinelli also offers tools for specific activities as dairies, for which a range of molds for making cheese of different sizes and shapes are available.

Cheese molds are the principal tool required for giving the form and solidifying the curd. There is a specific consolidation process for each type of product, and Polsinelli offers the most common types of molds for hard cheese as well as for ricotta. Each has a different capacity, and the resulting product can range from 40 grams (1.4 ounces) to 3200 grams (7.05 pounds) while the shape can be either quite round or more elongated. Made in plastic suitable for food, they are used in large quantities by dairies, but also by people wishing to make it themselves at home.

Together with cheese shapes, you can also find many useful tools for foods, as a thermometer for dairy products having a plastic framework designed for being immersed into liquids. Another interesting tool is a particular stainless steel curd cutter having a plastic cap for not scratching the boiler, and which comes in three different sizes.

Cheese has never been so easy to make, and it is in some manner due to the online availability of professional cheese molds, which in the past were not so easy to buy, while now anyone interested in producing his own dairy products can order. Polsinelli Enologia has supplied cheese and ricotta molds as well as other tools to dairy professionals for a long time now gaining their trust and confidence. Take advantage of our great offers as you cultivate your passion in making great cheese.