Electric pump EP SENIOR 40

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Electric pump EP SENIOR 40

The EP Senior 40 electric pump proposed by Polsinelli Enologia is an effective and useful tool in a wide range of contexts. In fact, it is a product capable of sucking up clear liquids with no elements in suspension, and helping in the transfer of wine, beer, oil and various food products such as fruit juice, milk and brine.

The EP Senior 40 electric pump is made of robust AISI 316 stainless steel, which is immune to moisture and water and perfect for transferring any fluid while preserving its organoleptic characteristics. The star impeller transfer system of the EP Senior 40 single-phase electric pump allows continuous and uninterrupted removal of the liquid, creating a vacuum inside the breech between the suction and delivery chambers.

The EP Senior 40 is equipped with a 230V motor with a power rating of 1.1 kW. At 1400 rpm, it can boast a flow rate of 7200 litres per hour (120 litres per minute). The device is capable of dry running, is self-priming and allows the flow of suctioned liquid to be reversed at any time. The electric pump EP Senior 40 is suitable for pumping and processing in the wine, oil, food, dairy, chemical, agricultural and marine sectors.


  • Motor: 1,1 KW 230 V
  • RPM: 1400
  • Flow rate: liters/hour 7200
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