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Electric pump model EP Mini 20

The electric pump EP MINI 20 is an instrument made of stainless steel ideal for transferring food liquids, recommended for those working in the field of oenology, but also in chemistry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The electric pump EP MINI 20 consists of a 220V and 0.50HP motor, connected to a star-shaped impeller made of EPDM, silicone and neoprene to transport the liquid. The motor reaches 900 rpm, for a maximum flow rate of 17 litres per minute. The instrument weighs 9 kg and can be easily installed on the transport trolley.

It is a self-priming model, which means that it can automatically suck up to a depth of 6 metres even when dry. The direction of rotation of the impeller is reversible, allowing it to pump in both directions, for perfect liquid dosage. The EP MINI 20 stainless steel electric pump for wine can also easily transfer viscous liquids (up to 50,000 cp) and those with suspended matter. The transfer is continuous and without pulsation, so as to respect the organoleptic characteristics of the product. A three-phase version is available on request.

Technical description of the EP MINI 20 electric pump for wine

  • Single-phase 220 V motor
  • Power 0.50 HP
  • 900 rpm
  • Flow rate of 17 litres per minute
  • Weight of 9 kg

A particular of the rotating impeller


Technical description

single-phase, 3/4", with fittings

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