Cooler CRIO 2000

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Cooler CRIO 2000

CRIO 2000 is a cooler for the cooling of food glycol to circulate in the circuits of fermenters, thanks to its high efficiency and cooling is ideal to complete production system of wine and beer. Through a series of valves and filters, it can be easily connected to a control panel and to fermenters. Once in operation, it is able to keep the liquid at the desired temperature throughout the processing. The CRIO 2000 cooler consists of several elements: a 0.55 kW compressor and an electric pump for the liquid circulation.


  • Rated refrigerator yield (1): kW 2.33
  • Total absorbed power (1): kW 0.89
  • Optional P3 pump rated power (3 barg): kW 0.37
  • EER (1): kW 2.61
  • Rated refrigerator yield (2): kW 2,71
  • Total absorbed power (2): kW 0.76
  • EER (2): kW 3,56
  • SEPR (3): kW 5.15
  • Power: V/Ph/Hz 230± 10% / 1+N/PE 50Hz ± 1%
  • Noise Lp dB(A) 62 - Lw dB/A) 75
  • Size in mm: 486 x 660 x 873 h
  • Weight in operation without pump: kg 91
  • Weight in operation with optional P3 pump (3 barg): kg 97
  • Tank volume: 25 L
  • Evaporator water connections: Rp 1/2" 

(1) Inlet temperature/exit water evaporator water 5/35 °C °C, external air temperature 35 °C, total compressor power and fan;

(2) Outlet temperature/outlet water evaporator 0/30 °C, external air temperature 25 °C, total absorbed power of compressor and fan;

(3) Date declared in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2016/2281 on ecodesign requirements for cooling products and high temperature process chillers;

(4) Sound pressure level free at 10 m from the capacitor side unit and 1.6 m from the ground. The sound levels, weights and dimensions refer to base configuration units with P3 pump.

Date declared in UNI EN ISO 12100:2010. The values indicated refer to base units without accessories/options having electric power supply source, without pump and in nominal operating conditions.


  • Fermentation control: 10 HL
  • Stabilisation: 20 HL

Warnings: the cooler must be placed within a metre from the wall so that it does not compromise the ventilation of the fans.



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