Polifascia thermal band 1200

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Polifascia thermal band 1200

  • FOR TANK DIAMETER: 1200 mm
  • TANK RIM DEPTH: 3770 mm
  • MODULE HEIGHT 336 mm

This is the most economical way to condition tanks from the outside.

Available for tanks from 600 litres to 50,000 litres.

Each band can be connected to the adjacent strips either in series or in parallel with special quick-connect fittings (NOT INCLUDED).


Very economical, very easy to apply, polypropylene conditioning jacket on existing tanks that are not thermally conditioned. It can work with hot water (+50-60 °C) or cold water (at -10 °C) using flexible and mobile conditioning systems. It can be positioned in a fixed or mobile way, up to cool or down to heat, on all types of stainless steel tanks. Variable length, from 2 to 13 metres.


Can be moved very easily from one tank to another, can be applied manually by any person. It can be shipped, transported and rolled up as it takes up little space. It is very light and economical.

Ideal for:

Heating or cooling any type of tank that is not thermally conditioned, especially old stainless steel tanks existing in cellars. If placed in the upper part, it controls the fermentation temperature. If placed at the bottom, it is ideal for heating wines for malolactic fermentation.

Technical description

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