FreshArom 1 Kg

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FreshArom 1 Kg

This product is a selection of inert yeasts that have a high reducing power, thus ensuring the protection of the aromas of white and rosé wines.

The exclusive composition of reducing metabolites, FRESHAROM® enables:

  • for yeasts to assimilate, during alcoholic fermentation (AF), the precursors of glutathione (cysteine, N-acetylcysteine) and thus to synthesize this tripeptide more efficiently.
  • effective protection of the wine's aromatic potential, while also significantly delaying the appearance of oxidised notes typical of ageing (sotolone; phenylacetaldehyde).
  • the effective inhibition of wine browning mechanisms.
  • the promotion of yeast metabolism during alcoholic fermentation.

Dose of use: 20 - 30 g/hL

Use a clean, inert container. Do not mix with bentonite, and avoid direct contact with sulphurous solutions. Use the product within 6-8 hours after its preparation.

Packaging: 100 gr

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