Fermenter with conical bottom 750 L

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Fermenter with conical bottom 750 L

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, this 750 litre fermenter is the ideal solution for storing wine and beer, a modern, durable and functional product suitable for amateur producers and large companies.

It is a capacious tank supported by three adjustable feet, with an overall height of 1900 mm and a diameter of 950 mm. The 750 litre stainless steel fermenter with conical bottom is designed to store food liquids such as wine and beer without altering their taste or organoleptic characteristics. The conical bottom and the stainless steel butterfly partial and total drains make the fermenter easy to empty and, if necessary, to clean, thanks also to the washing tube and ball.

The nitrogen inlet and the wine tasting tap of the 750 L conical bottom fermenter allow the best possible management of the chemical transformation for the production of must. The container is equipped with a level indicator and column discharge valve, as well as a thermometer for monitoring the liquid. The conical bottom of the fermenter, with total discharge, has a slope of 30°.


  • stainless steel AISI 304 anti-retention manhole diameter 400 mm, manhole neck height 90mm, arm closing and side opening + nitrogen tight closing knobs
  • nitrogen inlet with stainless steel ball valve 3/8”
  • washing tube 1” in the manhole neck and stainless steel butterfly valve DN30 DIN30 DIN 32MG/32 DIN FEMALE
  • stainless steel AISI 316 spray ball diameter 65 mm
  • plexiglass level gauge with stainless steel protective device and stainless steel tap level holder 3/8”
  • stainless steel level inlet DN10/external thread 3/8” gas for tube diameter 20  on the washing tube for an easy cleaning
  • stainless steel sample-taking tap
  • total discharge with stub pipe DIN32 and stainless steel butterfly valve DIN30 DIN32MG/32DIN FEMALE
  • partial discharge with stub pipe DIN32 and stainless steel butterfly valve DIN30 DIN32MG/32DIN FEMALE
  • stainless steel bimetallic thermometer DN 80, -20 °C/+80 °C with stem 200 mm equipped with thermometer holder
  • adjustable stainless steel feet and base plate diameter 50 mm
  • dimensions: diam. mm 950 x 1900 (h)


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