Mixing tank 700 L

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Mixing tank 700 L

Made entirely of stainless steel, the 700 L priming vat is designed to carbonate beers, and allows perfect mixing of the sugars contained in the beverages, reducing the likelihood of gushing. The device consists of a tank, with both partial and total discharge with din 25 valve, ø20 hose nozzle, wash ball and stainless steel support. The carbonation vat has a capacity of 700 litres, a height of 179 cm, a diameter of 85 cm and a valve of 20 cm, and is equipped with a stirrer kit and a beer meter. The stirrer kit of the 700 L priming vat is equipped with a 220 Volt motor with switch and 0.18 kW absorption, gear motor, inspection door with knob and stainless steel mashing blades designed to maintain a speed suitable for minimising oxygenation of the beers.

Technical characteristics of the 700 litre beer priming vassel


  • Diameter: 85 cm + 20 cm valve
  • Complete height: 179 cm

Agitator kit:

  • 220 Volt motor with switch
  • Absorption: 0.18 kW
  • Schuko plug
  • Speed reducer
  • Stainless steel mashing blades
  • Inspection hatch with knob
  • Stainless steel birrometer included
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