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“Easy 50”: stainless steel falling system for producing home brew

The easiest and cheapest way for producing home brew.

Simple and versatile, this plant has been designed to meet homebrewers’ needs since it is customizable. Besides, it is ideal for micro-breweries like a pilot plant. The myth that beer is an exclusively industrial product was dispelled thanks to beer brewing system “Easy 50” ! In fact, it allows you to easily produce home brew  with “All Grain” technique by using “a falling system”. The use of the electric pump has been reduced to a minimum, being  used only in the cooling phase of the wort. The system complies with legal regulations since it is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (18/10 for food). Furthermore, beer system “Easy 50” is the best compromise quality-price ratio on the market thanks to  its affordable price.

This system includes:

  • 50-litre motorized mash pot (Power 220 V), high-thick lid with fixing hooks
  • 50-litre sparge pot
  • 75-litre boiling pot
  • Filter HALO Ø 455
  • Stainless Steel Fly Sparge (new octagonal model)
  • 3 Cast Iron Gas burners (5,5 Kw)
  • 40 Brazed-plate heat exchanger with hose barb
  • Hot Beer Press Ø 20 mt. 5 (-30/+100°c)
  • Electric steel Pump NOVAX 20 BEER LOW (for high-temperature food liquids) with stainless steel valve
  • Stainless steel Birrometer 90 (for measuring the liters of wort)
  • 75-litre fermenter (with high-thick lid)
  • Stainless steel pedestal for fermenter
  • Stainless steel supporting  structure
  • Stainless steel extensions for fly sparge with s/s curve with hose barb for mash pot
  • All pots are equipped with stainless steel valves ¾” M/M, stainless steel cockpits for probe
  • Stainless steel handles for fermenters (on request)

Dimensions: 190 x 70 x 180 (h) cm



 Pots are positioned on three different levels on a well thought-out stainless steel structure:

  • 1st higher level: sparge pot where there is the water required for washing the grains
  • 2nd intermediate level: motorized mash pot equipped with grain filter Halo
  • 3rd lower level: boiling pot where the wort is being boiled

Pull out the unit agitator from the pot at mash-out phase, then put the fly-sparge in and start the sparging.

specifics: fly sparge

specifics: stainless steel valve with the curve

specifics:  bidirectional self-priming electropump for food equipped with high-temperature seals and a stainless steel valve.

The motorized mash pot is equipped with a reinforced high-thick stainless steel lid and an  inspection flap where the wort will be poured. An agitator unit composed of a motor with speed gearmotor and stainless steel blades is also mounted on the lid.

 Wort cooling: “counterflow”

This system is provided with three cast iron gas cookers and one 75- litre stainless steel fermenter with a stainless steel pedestal.

Cookers are provided with a flame power control device: gas fuel LPG  (methane gas, on demand. Please specify that in the space reserved for notes) 






Technical description

for producing artisanal beer

estimated delivery time: 15/30 days

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