Refractometer provided with three scales ATC

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Refractometer provided with three scales ATC

A refractometer in winemaking measures the sugar content in the must, and consequently the amount of alcohol in the wine. The refractive index of a liquid containing sugar or other soluble solids is proportional to its concentration. The manual refractometers are based on this principle, it is a quick and easy system to measure the amount of sugar levels in liquids.

How to use it

Look into the eyepiece, make sure that the scale appears clearly. Open the prism, carefully clean the outer surface with a clean cloth, put a few drops of the solution, close and look into the eyepiece against a natural light source. Take your reading at the point where the contrast line (difference between light and dark) crosses the scale. This will indicate the concentration of sugar in the liquid.

Refractometer: Technical features

Measuring ranges:

  • 0 - 32 °Bx (Degrees Brix)
  • 0 - 140 °Oe (degrees Oechsle)
  • 0 - 25 °KMW (Klosterneuburger Zuckergrade)


  • ±0.2 °Bx (Degrees Brix)
  • ±2 °Oe (degrees Oechsle)
  • ±0.5 °KMW (Klosterneuburger Zuckergrade)


  • 0.2 °Bx (Degrees Brix)
  • 1 °Oe (degrees Oechsle)
  • 0.2 °KMW (Klosterneuburger Zuckergrade)

Size: 172 mm

Diameter: 20 mm

Weight: 260 g

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