Pruning shear Felco 13

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Pruning shear Felco 13

High performance professional pruning shear, compact and ergonomic, made in Switzerland.


  • comfortable, light, sturdy handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee
  • blade and screw-mounted anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel
  • clean, precise cut
  • all parts can be replaced


  • easy, long-lasting cutting adjustment
  • wire cutter
  • sap groove


  • hand and wrist protection are provided by the ideal shape of the handles and the cushion-shock absorber
  • non-slip coating 

Sap groove 

The sap groove allows you to cut vegetables without the risk of blade sticking. It saves time and makes cutting easrier by removing dirt and sap after each cut. 

Micrometric adjustment 

The FELCO precision adjustment device guarantees optimal adjustment of cutting head throughout the life of the tool, allowing clean and precise cuts. 

Damping system 

The hammer and dumper reduce shocks at the end of the cut, thus protecting hand and wrist. 

Forged aluminium handles 

Lightness, strength and rigidity thanks to an aluminium alloy and a precision-forged material shaping process perfectly controlled by FELCRO. Parts guaranteed for life*. 

Inclined cutting head 

To reduce the risk of muscoloskeletal disorders and increase user comfort, the cutting head seems angled. 

Technical description
  • Cut: ø 30 mm
  • Hand size: Large
  • Weight: 303 gr
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