Pruning Scissors

Hand Pruners

On Polsinelli Enologia’s site you can find all the equipment you need for olive growing, beer brewing and wine-making. All our products are made to professional standards, such as our pruning scissors, a simple but essential tool for anyone who wants to grow and harvest olives or the fruits of the vine in the correct manner.

At our online store you can purchase pruning scissors, secateurs, shears and clippers of various sizes, each designed specifically for pruning different types of plants. Indeed, our pruning tools are specifically devised for various kinds of plants, so you can choose either secateurs for vines, or clippers ideal for harvesting grapes with their curved French style blades, or professional hand pruners with ergonomic aluminium handles and high quality steel blades.

Once you are equipped with pruning shears, scissors and clippers you have all you need to carry out all sorts of pruning and harvesting work ideal for taking good care and harvesting your olives, grapes etc. Collecting olives to be pressed, or picking grapes at harvest time is a crucial moment in the production of oil and wine, so it is essential to have the best equipment at hand, such as our high quality pruning secatures.

Look through the catalogue and view the pruning tools on offer on line at Polsinelli Enologia. Take advantage now of our sale at discount prices so you can carry out all your pruning work in the best possible way.