Electronic pruning shear Pellenc C35

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Electronic pruning shear Pellenc C35

The Pellenc C35 is the electronic pruning shear suitable for work in viticulture, olive growing, arboriculture and the maintenance of green spaces. Powerful and light with its perfect balance and its 720 g weight it is the ideal pruning shear for continuous work during the day, also thanks to the new free grip area and 4 user and 4 adjustment modes. Pruning is perfectly controlled even at very low speed thanks to the Pellenc motor drive. The electronic pruning shear Pellenc C35 comes with a new cutting head with 35 mm pruning capacity.

The new features of the Pellenc C35:

  • Blade pivot with integrated grease nipple
  • Double choice of blades with optimised geometry and penetration into vegetation (+1
  • cm frontal clearance) for excellent cutting quality
  • Intuitive trigger for precise and natural blade opening control
  • Latest generation brushless gear motor for more power
  • New Activ'Security anti-cutting system. Thanks to this patented system, in the event of  hand contact the blade stops immediately. This is possible thanks to a natural conductive circuit created by 3 contact points.


  • Resistance - Ball screw, intensively tested over several seasons.
  • Guaranteed autonomy: 1 day
  • Cutting diameter: 35 mm
  • Blade opening: 57 mm
  • Weight: 720 g
  • Sound power LWA dB: 74
  • Sound pressure LpA dB: 63
  • Supply voltage: 43.2 V
  • Motor speed: 23000 rpm
  • Scissor length: 265 mm
  • Oval handle dimensions h*l:40×36 mm
  • Battery ULIB 150
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