Selion M12 Evolution chainsaw

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Selion M12 Evolution chainsaw


The Selion M12 Evolution chainsaw is the ideal tool for precision pruning work. Its weight of only 1.95 kg makes it ultra-light, manoeuvrable and multi-purpose. Thanks to its design, it is the right accessory for grape growers, gardeners and arboriculturists. It has no friction and has direct engagement with the plane and chain.

100% safety. The Selion M12 Evolution chainsaw is equipped with an electronically operated bounce sensor that instantly activates the electric chain brake in the event of a fall or bounce. Compared to the chain brake of other chainsaws, it is 8 times faster and the self-diagnosis system verifies that the electronic rebound sensor is active before reactivating the chain. In addition to the sensor, the chainsaw features a double-pulse ignition trigger that prevents the chainsaw from accidentally starting.

Technical details

  • Automatic chain tensioning The chain guide bar is equipped with a patented mechanism that enables the chain to be automatically tensioned
  • Electronic oil flow management The system regulates the lubrication of the chain according to the required torque
  • Electronic chain brake The chain brake is immediately activated in the event of a fall or bounce
  • Tensioning spanner This spanner enables the chain to be tensioned and provides quick access to the sprocket and chain

Selion M12 features

  • Robust and reliable
  • No friction in direct engagement with the chain sprocket
  • PELLENC brushless motor 1200 W (equivalent to 30 cm³)
  • Automatic chain tensioning
  • Compact dimensions
  • Soft touch handle
  • Design suitable for all hand morphologies
  • Software for precise cutting
  • Up to 30% less chain oil consumption

Technical specifications Selion M12

  • Maximum power: 1200 W
  • Heat engine equivalency: 30 cm³
  • Weight: 1.95 kg
  • Motor speed: 5400 rpm
  • Chain speed: 10.3 m/s
  • Guide length: 15/6'' cm/inches
  • OREGON chain: ¼'' pitch
  • OREGON chain: Type / Pitch / Number of links: 25AP / 1.3 mm / 42E
  • Sprockets: 9 teeth ¼''
  • Reservoir capacity: 7 cl
  • Sound pressure (LpA)*- with KpA uncertainty = 3.0 dB(A):84
  • Guaranteed sound power (LWAd): 98
  • Vibration level front handle (av)* - with uncertainty K= 1.5 m/s2: <2.5
  • Autonomy with ALPHA 520 Battery Kit (NOT INCLUDED): Up to 4/5 hours
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Automatic chain tensioner
  • Integrated removable key
  • Electronic chain brake
  • Transport case
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