Labelling machine Eti Pro - PVC shrink capsules

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Labelling machine Eti Pro - PVC shrink capsules

The Eti PVC labelling machine is a professional product designed with high quality materials to offer the best support to wineries and companies in the bottling phase. Ideal for industrial use but also to help wine lovers in the final stage of production, the Eti labelling machine allows to finish the bottles with high precision details: equipped with a one-roll station and an electronic plateau dispenser, it is able to quickly close the PVC capsules by means of a thermal head with double ventilation. The process is favoured by a special cam system, which ensures a perfect result: equipped with rod and thermal capsule closing system, the Eti PVC professional labeller allows to obtain the best performances also thanks to the automatic notch positioning. The Eti PVC Pro labeller includes a hot printer, a station for the application of the choker and a special cap presence detector.


  • Professional labeller
  • Dimensions: 2240 x 1100 x 1700h mm
  • Net weight: 300 kg
  • Working surface: 1000 mm ±
  • Motor: 1 Kw


  • Hot Printer
  • Cap presence detector
  • Station for applying choker
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