Semi-automatic labelling machine ETI 10

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Semi-automatic labelling machine ETI 10

The semi-automatic labelling machine ETI 10 is a bench type product which can apply adhesives of different formats. The semi-automatic ETI 10 labeller offers the possibility of working not only with cylindrical bottles, but also with square bottles, jars and other containers made of synthetic materials. It can apply a label and back label on the same roll, from the same reel and during the same cycle. The ETI 10 labeller has a stainless steel casing and is equipped with a quick-release knurled siliconized paper drive roller. The integrated PLC allows the ETI 10 labeller to use numerous application variants with the addition of the appropriate optionals, while the integrated Touch Screen Display allows quick selection of the working parameters and displays useful information for machine operation. The ETI 10 semi-automatic labelling machine is controlled by a microprocessor electronic board and complies with CE safety standards.


  • Dimensions: 550 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm (h)
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz
  • Installed power: 0.2 kW
  • Sound level: 40 decibels
  • Hourly production: 700 b/h
  • Max. label length: 280 mm (opt. 340 mm)
  • Max. label height: 140 mm (opt.: 190 mm)
  • Diameter of round bottle: 45 mm > 120 mm (opt.: 17 mm/160mm)


Characteristics of compatible label rolls and direction of unwinding:


Rotolo etichette compatibile con etichettatrice ETI 10


  • Maximum roll Ø: 270 mm

  • core diameter: from 40 to 76 mm

  • maximum distance of the label and back label from the paper base: less than 18 mm




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