Manual labeling machine Eti 05

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Manual labeling machine in stainless steel Eti-05

For cylindrical bottles

Machine suitable for small sized companies that self –bottle, wine, beer and more.

Easy to use and versatile, works without electricity.

Entirely made with top quality materials, stainless steel with zinc finishings.

Provided with regulating settings that allow you to adjust the distance between the label and the counter label.

The object to be labelled is placed on rollers which spin, to facilitate rotation.

Suitable for all types of bottles and cylindrical objects with a height from 50 to 450 mm.

Minimum diameter of bottle: 45 mm

Maximum diameter of bottle: 120 mm

Production: about 500 bottles / h

Size: 500 x 500 x 300 mm

Weight: 18 kg


Technical description

for cylindrical bottles

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