Manual labeling machine Eti 05

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Manual labeling machine ETI-05

The Eti 05 manual labelling machine is perfect for small companies and private individuals who need to bottle independently, with a small, low-cost but highly productive machine. The Eti 05 labeller for beer and wine weighs only eighteen kilos, occupies a surface area of 575 millimetres by 500 and is 360 millimetres high. The performance of this small object is astonishing: the Eti 05 is able to label five hundred pieces per hour. The product is made of steel with a galvanised finish, materials that ensure solidity and durability. The Eti 05 beer labeller is suitable for bottles and cylindrical objects with diameters between 45 and 120 millimetres, and heights between 50 and 450. Manual operation does not require the use of electricity.

  • This machine is suitable for small companies that bottle their own wine, beer and other products.
  • Easy to use and versatile, operation without electricity.
  • Entirely manufactured with first quality materials.
  • Equipped with adjustments to adjust the distance between the label and back label.
  • The rollers on which the items to be labelled are placed rotate for easy rotation.
  • Suitable for all types of bottles and cylindrical objects from 50 to 450 mm high.
  • Minimum bottle diameter: mm 45
  • Maximum bottle diameter: mm 120
  • Output: approx. 500 btg/h
  • Dimensions: mm 575 x 500 x 360(h)
  • Weight: kg 18
Technical description

for cylindrical bottles

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