Labeller manual Eti 06

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Labelling machine Eti 06

The manual labelling machine Eti 06, for sale in Polsinelli Enologia's online shop, is the ideal solution for small companies that bottle their own oil, wine, beer and any other liquid for food use. Simple and easy to use, Eti 06 allows to apply labels on bottles and cans with a height between 50 and 450 mm by means of a system of rollers which, operated by hand and without any energy support, rotate the objects to be labelled, facilitating the application. A useful and versatile machine, the Eti 06 is a manual labeller ideal for use on cans and bottles of any shape, including square ones: to carry out this type of operation, simply remove the special slide for bottles. The Eti 06 labeller is equipped with adjustments that allow to calibrate the height of the label and, in case of a bottle or a cylindrical object, also the distance of the back label. Equipped with a galvanised finish, the Eti 06 is made of stainless steel, a resistant and hygienic material particularly suitable for food use, which covers the parts of the central body and the points where the labels are placed.


  • Manual operation
  • Handle-operated roller system
  • Stainless steel and galvanised finish
  • Adjustable label height and distance from back label
  • Minimum bottle diameter: 50 mm
  • Maximum bottle diameter: 115 mm
  • Minimum bottle height: 50 mm
  • Maximum bottle height: 450 mm
  • Maximum can size lt 10
  • Production: about 500 btg/h
  • Dimensions: mm 500 x 500 x 300
  • Weight: kg 18
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