Semiautomatic rinsing machine P10

Code: IPP0243
Brand: Polsinelli
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Semiautomatic rinsing machine P10

Ideal for breweries, wineries and food companies, the P10 semi-automatic rinser is the essential accessory to easily and quickly wash and sanitise bottles before the bottling phase that precedes product storage. This operation is necessary to preserve the quality of the drinks. The P10 rotary rinser is operated via an electrical panel with a low voltage circuit, which increases safety during work. Moreover, thanks to the rotation system, the device allows the easy insertion and retrieval of containers while standing still, thus saving time. The P10 electric rinser works with sterilised water, which is filtered by the 0.45 micron cartridge supplied, and guarantees the washing of 800 bottles per hour.


  • 10 stations
  • 800 bottles/hour
  • Sterilised water operation
  • Disposable discharge
  • Complete with 0.45 micron filter cartridge
  • Electrical panel with low voltage circuits
  • Mounted on wheels
  • Apparatus complying with CE safety standards
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