Stainless steel 3-tips bottle-washer

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Stainless steel 3-tips bottle-washer

Practical, light and resistant, the manual stainless steel 3-point bottle washer for sale online on Polsinelli is the ideal product for the care of your containers. Designed for wine and beer producers, this stainless steel manual 3-point bottle washer is perfect for any cleaning job, thanks to the presence of three rings of bristles easily operated with the screw mechanism.

It is a completely manual accessory, easy to use and highly effective. The plastic handle provides a firm grip, while the practical whisk system allows the tips to rotate, removing traces of liquid from the bottle. Simply slip the tool into the bottle, hold the red handle and neck, and push the knob located on the rear end. The movement of the screw will push the steel tips along the inner surfaces of the container.

The compact size and stainless steel construction make it the ideal choice for a durable and functional product.

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