Labelling machine Eti Pro

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Labelling machine Eti Pro

The Eti Pro labelling machine for round bottles offered by Polsinelli is a machine designed to apply self-adhesive labels and counter-labels on the same roll. The system consists of a single-roll station which, upon request, can be accessorized with additional systems. In fact, the Eti Pro is designed to be completed with a second station, whose function is to apply labels and back labels on separate rolls or neck bands. The Eti Pro round bottle labeller is also capable of supporting a hot stamping technique, a process which, by depositing foils on the product, allows to obtain a vivid and sharp colour quality. Amongst the various optional extras available from Polsinelli Enologia for Eti Pro, there is also a PVC cap closure system which, by means of a special cam system and a double-ventilated thermal head, allows excellent rolling and a ripple-free result. A safety system allows the detection of the possible presence of the cap, constantly ensuring the maximum efficiency of the Eti Pro labeller.


  • Labelling machine for round bottle
  • One-roll station for self-adhesive label and back label on one roll

Optional extras:

  • PVC capsules closing system
  • Hot Printer
  • Cap presence detector
  • Station for applying label and back label on separate rolls
  • Station for applying neck band
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