Bottle Capping Machines

No matter if you are a professional or an amateur, on Polsinelli Enologia you will find all the necessary for producing high-quality products. We supply equipment, tools and other supplies for all the production process including bottling. Our equipment supports the production of high-quality products and the improvement in production times when performing repetitive tasks. A perfect example of one of these utensils is the bottle cappers we offer in our store since it can be one of those tasks that when the yield is large can consume considerable time. To best preserve your liquid content, and after choosing glass bottles from between so many options with care and according to your needs, it is almost necessary to have an optimal sealer that can guarantee optimal performance without compromising the product’s properties and preserving all the previous work carried out previously. Otherwise, the liquid could enter in contact with oxygen, losing its typical organoleptic properties, no matter if its wine, oil or else.

In our online catalog, you will find several models of bottle capping machines or tools that will fit your production process, as our beer capping machines which enable you to seal bottles with different types of crown caps. As our ECO handheld model, having an ergonomic grip and 50 cm high for both 26 and 29 cm caps. Or our electric semi-automatic model that will stop by itself if a cap is not positioned correctly. Bottle capping tools are made with extremely innovative materials and can be powered electrically or by compressed air, adapting themselves to whatever cap, no matter if its made of cork, metal, or synthetic. For example, the model having a cart has a stainless steel structure that will last over time, and has an incredible pace, sealing bottles under two seconds. For those that have lesser requirements, out store offers a large range of capping machines with a lever or wheel system, and that offer optimal performance, saving money and time. If you browse our catalog you will soon see that all our bottle capping machines have very competitive prices and are made with quality materials, a great selection we have gathered so you can continue creating great products with ease.