Italian Demijohns

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Pallet truck GS 25S4
Polsinelli Pallet truck GS 25S4 € 319.67
Polsinelli Trolley € 69.26
Folding trolley
Polsinelli Folding trolley € 102.46
Double bubble air lock with Rubber cap (∅ 75 mm)
Double bubble air lock with Rubber cap (∅ 65 mm)
Double bubble air lock with Rubber cap (∅ 60 mm)
Double bubble air lock with rubber cap (∅ 50 mm) 
Double bubble air lock with Rubber cap (∅ 40 mm)
Double bubble air lock with Rubber cap (∅ 35 mm)
Enolmatic Demi-John Kit
Polsinelli Enolmatic Demi-John Kit € 20.08 € 22.95
Wide-mouth 34 litre demijohn
Polsinelli Wide-mouth 34 litre demijohn € 27.05
34 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 34 litre demijohn € 23.36
Wide-mouth 25 litre demijohn
Polsinelli Wide-mouth 25 litre demijohn € 23.36
10 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 10 litre demijohn € 10.90
20 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 20 litre demijohn € 17.62
Wide-mouth 20 litre demijohn
Polsinelli Wide-mouth 20 litre demijohn € 21.31
Wide-mouth 10 litre demijohn
Polsinelli Wide-mouth 10 litre demijohn € 14.75
5 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 5 litre demijohn € 6.31
54 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 54 litre demijohn € 25.41
25 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 25 litre demijohn € 19.67
Wide-mouth 5 litre demijohn
Polsinelli Wide-mouth 5 litre demijohn € 10.25
Wide-mouth 15 litre demijohn
Polsinelli Wide-mouth 15 litre demijohn € 19.26
15 litre demijohn
Polsinelli 15 litre demijohn € 13.93
Demijohn lift trolley
Polsinelli Demijohn lift trolley € 142.62

Glass Demijohns

At  Polsinelli Enologia’s online store you can find all you require for bottling and conserving both wine and beer; products of the highest quality such as our demijohns, that will enable you to easily transport large quantities of your product.

We have various sizes of demijohns containers on sale online. You will find them perfect for all your needs, whether you’re looking for a 15 litre container or a larger receptacle that can contain up to 54 litres of liquid.

We have excellent special online offers on demijohns for wine; complete with handles for convenient and safe transportation, they are made from glass with various types of openings: narrow or wide-mouthed. For example, you can opt for a wide-mouthed demijohn, or the more classic narrow-mouthed version, all finely crafted receptacles that are also easy to clean. The green glass ones you see in the catalogue are perfect for protecting liquids from sunlight and keeping the inside temperature constant.

Every model comes complete with demijohn casing protection, very useful for avoiding any accidental damage during transportation. The external plastic coverings are made from either a simple or wickerwork design and can be bought separately as well so can be removed and substituted as desired.

In the catalogue you can also find all the accessories needed for transferring your liquids from demijohn glass to other containers, such as beer bottles of various dimensions, which require special accessories for pouring and transferring between receptacles.  For example, a demijohn Kit is what you need for moving various quantities of liquid (from 34 to 45 litres) so that it settles properly.

Come and visit Polsinelli Enologia’s online shop and look for the demijohn container glass on sale online that will best suit your requirements. Take advantage of the special offers and best prices for the conservation and transportation of your products.

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