Wooden Barrel

Wooden Barriques and Barrels

In its catalogue, Polsinelli Enologia offers a selection of wooden barrels for wine ageing, as well as for properly conserving oil or brewing beer.

These containers, made specifically for viniculture, are of the highest quality and are also ideal for professional use. In our online store you can find wooden barriques and barrels of various sizes and made with various kinds of wood suiting all type of requirements.

They are available at absolutely amazing prices. As an example, we have highly prized oak barrels, the most classic of the wooden barrels for wine, as recommended by the vinicultural tradition in many countries, including Italy. Nowadays oak barrels are indeed one of the most commonly used containers for vinification and wine ageing, due mostly to the properties of oak that gives the final product a unique and unmistakable aroma.

Ideal for wines and spirits, in our catalogue you will also find chestnut wooden barrels, which have been used since ancient times. In this section of our store you can also buy various types of accessories for your wooden barrels, such as bâtonnage rods for stirring, or faucets for tasting the wine, as well as a draft faucet to pour directly from a beer barrel.

By taking advantage of our amazing wooden barrel offer you will take home some of the best products on the market, at an incomparable price. Don’t hesitate to visit the Polsinelli Enology store to choose the one that fits your needs from all the wooden barrels on display at great prices. Polsinelli is the best possible choice for your winemaking needs.