Wood Barrel for Wine

Wine Wood Barrel

Of all the different types of containers used for the long-term conservation of liquid, wooden wine barrels surely must come top of the list; Polsinelli Enologia has a wide selection of high quality barrels in different sizes to satisfy the needs of small and large wine producers alike.

The wooden barrels for wine on sale online are treated with tannin in order to enhance their conservation efficiency; barrels for maturing oil and fermenting beer do not require any treatment.

A wooden barrel for wine is an essential piece of equipment as it is an ideal container for the preparation of this excellent nectar whose progress can be monitored thanks to the tap valve mechanism with which you can directly fill glasses or bottles of wine. This is the best way of bringing the precious fermented fruit of the vine directly to your table.

Wooden barrels for wine-making are the preferred means for wine-lovers who know how well they conserve the taste of the final product, but there are those who favour using floating air lid stainless steel tanks, which make use of the vertical dimension of the tank and the technology applied to the service of efficient conservation.

Among the various materials from which wooden wine barrels can be made, chestnut has been one of the most commonly used woods for centuries (since Roman times) due to its long-lasting qualities. Oak barrels are much appreciated, particularly in the production of barriques. Whatever their size, it has long been known that wood barrels for wine are a good way to protect and conserve the final product, since they are placed in a dry environment, away from the light of the sun and really need very little maintenance.

You can find various sizes on sale online at discounted prices in Polsinelli Enologia’s online catalogue. There are a number of special offers that will interest both the amatuer winemaker and the professional wine producer, who will both find the best solutions to all their needs.