Bottling Wines

Wine bottling

Polsinelli Enologia has a vast range of accessories, products and equipment for bottling your wine in the perfect manner. Our products are for both professional use in wineries and for amateur wine enthusiasts, with special offers to all those who want the best quality at reasonable prices.

In our catalogue dedicated to wine bottling you will find all the equipment necessary for bottling and conserving any type of wine, whether normal classical or sparkling wine. Take for example the simplest but highly important accessories such as vinators for bottles, or more sophisticated equipment such as professional bottle washing equipment, which is capable of removing any kind of foreign body either inside or on the outside of the bottle.

We have a variety of thermoretractable capsules, available either in PVC or polylaminate in various colours, to be used with the appropriate capsule machines for wine bottles. We also have the semi-automatic versions that enable you to seal bottles with metal piller-proof tops.

Wine bottling also involves using chemical products to stabilise the liquid, the so-called wine stabilizers that serve to improve the structure of the wine and prevent oxidisation, which can occur with grapes. Our catalogue also contains a vast array of bottle tops for hermetic sealing of the bottles, with either manual or pneumatic bottle sealers, ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

Among the various accessories for wine-bottling, we have a selection of wine bottle fillers, from the simplest models to the more professional, sophisticated types, all made from quality steel and capable of filling up to six bottles at a time. Thanks to our range of offers, wine bottling will be easy and trouble free, using all the best accessories and equipment currently available on the market.

The Polsinelli Enologia catalogue has discount prices on all the equipment you need for bottling, offering only the best online, on sale directly to you from the professionals in the sector.