Filters for Wine

Wine Filters

In Polsinelli Enologia you will fine a wide selection of wine filters for sale and all the equipment you need to improve your wine or other beverage production. Whether you are an expert in this field or simply an enthusiast we have unmissable offers and best prices, so that you can save money without compromising efficiency and quality.

You can choose among different kinds of wine filters: in iuta, tortiglioni shaped, economical and practical to insert directly in the funnel, or professional models for wine treatment such as cartridge filters that matched to the fillers will make the filtering and the bottling processes automatic, improving considerably the quality of your product.

If you want to keep all the organoleptic proprieties of your wine, place your trust in filters that can support filter pads which are made of noble cellulose and are suitable for all the pumps, enabling the highest performances with optimal level of purification, for any kind of machinery and for all the phases of production, from clarification to stabilization.

The various type of filter for wine in our store are made in super sterilizing materials and are classified based on the pressure capacity, on the filtering method and on the sizes that go from 20x20 cm up to 40x40 cm.

Among the accessories, as well as filters for wine you will find wine siphonings, from simple ones that can be by bladder or blowing, to the professional ones electric powered and built with high-tech materials. Browse our catalog online and find the wine filter that better suits your needs. Have a look at the incredible offers that Polsinelli Enologia makes available for you and find the best products on the market.