Wine Presses

Grapes Press

If you’re one of the many producers, companies or wine aficionados who like to shop online at Polsinelli Enologia for your wine-making products, you obviously appreciate our high quality machinery and equipment such as our wine press, an essential piece of equipment for the critical first stages of working your grapes.

The wine presses that you will see in our catalogue on sale at great prices are precisely what you need when the grape harvest comes in. Once the marc, stalks and other bits have been removed, they are placed into once again for further pressing at higher pressure.

In the catalogue you will find various types of wine press that vary in size and function. For example the stainless steel press with hydraulic manometer, which ensures more efficient performance with less effort; or then there’s the more traditional wooden (chestnut) rotating drum with slats and removable pivots.  All the various parts can be easily replaced by ordering spare parts for grape presses on sale online, for example approved and certified paints expressly made for food production, which can be used to protect the inside parts in order to prevent any contamination of the final product.


As with the materials from which they are produced, the sizes and models of wine presses vary according to your production requirements: the smallest have a diameter of 15cm, while the largest are 80cm.

When you use quality products such as our presses for wine, you can be sure to make a great impression when you regale your friends or acquaintances glass bottles for wine designed to properly conserve the final product and ensure that its organoleptic properties are maintained. Come and see Polsinelli Enologia’s great offers and unbeatable prices; find the wine press that is right for your winemaking needs and purchase all the equipment you require to make quality wine at the best prices available.