Zeus professional capping machine

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Zeus professional capping machine

The Zeus professional manual capping machine is the ideal tool for small and medium-sized wineries in need of a stable and solid capping machine. Made of stainless steel and hardened steel, it can cork bottles, large and magnum bottles up to a maximum height of 65 cm and a diameter of 20 cm.

The standard equipment also includes a kit for sparkling wine corks (for subsequent insertion of a cork cage with cap that was not made by the corking machine) and 6 adapters/centringers for the most common bottles or bottles.

Bottle insertion is safe and easy thanks to the height-adjustable plate and up-and-down pedal.

The standard equipment includes the kit for sparkling wine corks with cage closure with cap and 6 adapters/centringers for the most common bottles or flagons.

Although large in size and weighing 42 kg, moving the Zeus professional corking machine is facilitated by the handle and rear wheels. At the base there are 4 adaptable articulated feet with non-slip rubber to make the capping machine stable even on uneven floors.


  • Material: Stainless Steel - Hardened Steel
  • Use with:
         Bottles, flagons and magnums with a maximum height of 65 cm and Ø 20 cm
         Cork, satin, sparkling wine corks with cap closure
  • Head and Prisms in heat-treated steel milled by numerical control
  • No. 4 adjustable pins to allow insertion of caps of various heights and mushroom caps
  • Pins slide on ball bearings
  • Foot lever to facilitate bottle positioning
  • 6 clamp adapters from Ø 28 mm to Ø 50 mm
  • Completely demountable
  • Non-slip articulated feet suitable for all surfaces
  • Handle and rear wheels for easy transport
  • Dimensions: mm 550x700x1400h
  • Weight: Kg 42 approx.
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