Corking machine for cork stoppers

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Brand: Polsinelli
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Capping machine tf68 Mondial (T-top corks)

The corking machine for cork only satin corks model tf68 manual corking machine with lever is the ideal tool for guaranteeing excellent sealing of bottles with cork and synthetic satin corks, so as to best preserve the contents of the container and not compromise its organoleptic properties.

Ideal for the packaging and bottling operations of amateur or small-medium wine cellars, the manual capping machine has a solid support formed by a tripod that ensures stability during work and, at the top, it has a lever handle that allows an ergonomic grip for fast and quick bottle closure.

Its operation involves placing the bottle to be sealed on the raised base, followed by the insertion of the cork into the space provided, which, by means of lever pressure, hermetically seals the bottle.


  • Manual Lever Corking Machine
  • Bronze jaws
  • Dimensions 65 x 47 x 91 (h) cm
  • Ideal for cork and synthetic satin corks


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