50L French Oak Barrel

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50L French Oak Barrel

Polsinelli Enologia's online store offers you the French oak barrel with a capacity of 50 L, an excellent quality container for imparting the best aromas in the ageing process of your wines and spirits. Made from split French oak staves, the barrel has a length of 62 centimetres and a belly diameter of 42 centimetres. The choice of oak allows the barrel to benefit from the contact with the tannins, which are responsible for the aromas and delicate rosy tones that develop during the ageing period; the tannins also have an antibacterial and preservative function that has a positive influence on the longevity of the wine. The new French oak barrique with a capacity of 50L can be sealed with a silicone stopper No. 12, or with a cork stopper with a diameter of 55 millimetres. If it is not to be used immediately, we recommend storing it away from draughts in a room with good hygrometry and low light, wrapped in plastic film and covered with a cloth.

Characteristics Oak Barrel 50L

  • 50L capacity
  • Split French oak wood
  • Length 62 cm
  • Diameter 42 cm
  • Compatible with silicone cap No. 12
  • Compatible with 55 mm diameter cork
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