Plastic Measuring Mugs or Cylinders

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Plastic Measuring Mug 5 L
Polsinelli Plastic Measuring Mug 5 L € 6.39
Stackable stainless steel graduated measuring jug 1 liter
270 ml Cylinder
Polsinelli 270 ml Cylinder € 2.70
150 ml Cylinder
Polsinelli 150 ml Cylinder € 2.05
500 ml Cylinder
Polsinelli 500 ml Cylinder € 3.85
Plastic Measuring Mug 3 L
Polsinelli Plastic Measuring Mug 3 L € 4.51
Plastic Measuring Mug 2 L
Polsinelli Plastic Measuring Mug 2 L € 2.95
Plastic Measuring Mug 1 L
Polsinelli Plastic Measuring Mug 1 L € 1.97
Plastic Measuring Mug 500 mL
Polsinelli Plastic Measuring Mug 500 mL € 1.72

Plastic Cylinders and Pitchers for Measuring

Polsinelli Enologia offers you Measuring Jugs and graduated cylinders, made of durable and resistant materials, available at really affordable prices. Pitchers and other measuring utensils are very useful when producing beverages and come in handy on many occasions. When handling liquids it is always practical to have something with which to pour or measure, like our plastic measuring mugs or cylinders, to easily separate some of your product for testing, tasting and so many more reasons that it would be hard to enumerate. For example, in winemaking, it can be necessary to get a sample from or refill a wine container to avoid the oxygenation.

The plastic cylinders and pitchers for measuring available in our store are ideal for measuring liquids as oil, wine, or beer. With them, you can pour whatever you are making, easily, with precision and in no time inside food containers. Our graduated plastic jugs are resistant and light and come with a spout or lip on one side that will make the pouring extremely easy, while on the opposite side they have a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip. We also sell graduated pitchers and cylinders made with transparent plastic and specifically designed for being used with beverages.

Among the essential accessories for measurements with alcohol meters and must meters you can find tall graduated cylinders, which are temperature resistant and also have great chemical resistance and have stable and secure base, making them an indispensable element in the winemaking process. Discover all the carafes, mugs and graduated cylinders for sale on Polsinelli Enologia and choose the most suitable products for your needs among the interesting offers available.

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