Heat shrink capsules for bottles

If you need all the equipment necessary for bottling wine, beer or oil, look no further than Polsinelli Enologia. We have all the best quality products readily available at discounted prices and made from high quality materials such as PVC and polylaminate used to produce our shrink capsules. The classic heat shrink capsule is the best and the most used method worldwide for sealing bottles, because it ensures that the most important qualities of a liquid are preserved inside the bottle, only to be released when the bottle is reopened.

These sealing devices should be chosen depending on a variety of factors. For example, the diameter of the capsule will depend on the type of bottle to be sealed, while in the case of heat-shrink capsules for wine bottles, the length will vary according to the exact point at which the wine must arrive inside the bottle itself. Some of our PVC shrink capsules for bottles have convenient tab-pulls, highly useful for bottles of champagne or prosecco for example. In our catalogue you will also find specific models for beer bottles, ideal for crown top bottles.

When you browse through our store you will see there is a choice of capsule machines, either manual or for the bar, a lever type or a semiautomatic capsule. The model you choose from among the various types available will depend on your particular working procedures and techniques.

Bottling and sealing are two highly delicate processes, and to carry them out in the correct manner requires the use of the best equipment on the market, made using choice materials, and produced with simplicity of use as a chief criterion. This is why you cannot miss our online sale at discount prices of heat shrink capsules for bottles. Polsinelli Enologia’s amazing offers mean you will be able to own to top quality product at a great price that you are unlikely to find anywhere on the web.