Elettropompa Novax da 25 M

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Electric pump Novax 25 M  

The Novax 25 electric pump is an instrument for the transfer of food liquids of different types, with a bisense and selfaspirating operation. Thanks to the 0. 6 Hp motor, capable of reaching 1450 rpm, the Novax 25 electric pump boasts a flow rate of 45 litres per minute. The good power of the electric motor also makes it possible to transfer the fluid up to a height of 12 metres. It is a star-shaped impeller model designed mainly for the transport of food-grade liquids such as wine, oil and beer, with a temperature not exceeding 35°C. It can be used in agriculture, oenology, gardening and boating. The Novax electric pump of 25 works very well with neutral and clean products, with a percentage of particles in suspension of less than 0. 5%. If necessary, a special narrow mesh filter can be installed at the end of the suction pipe.
Power: 0,6 Hp
Rpm: 1450 rpm
Minimum/maximum flow rate: 45 Lt/min
Minimum/maximum height: 12 m
Maximum temperature: 35°C
Hose holder: ø 25mm
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