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Brand: Polsinelli
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EC Official manual distiller

This manual distiller is designed for the determination of the alcoholic strenght of liquors and wines and it is the right accessory for distilleries and wineries, even of small size. The product works with a mantle heating system, designed to correctly and accurately determine the alcohol content of beverages such as wines and spirits. The distiller must be sanitised periodically. For the correct functioning of the CE manual distiller, in case of accidental infiltration of liquids inside the casing, it is recommended not to use the device, not to open it and to contact technical assistance. Polsinelli Enologia reminds you that the distiller must be cleaned using non-abrasive and non-corrosive sanitizing products. The official CE mantle distiller is powered by 220V and consists of the following parts:

  • Rubber tube to connect the cooling water inlet and outlet
  • Silicone tube to connect the glass tubes for draining the distillate
  • Hexagon socket spanner to remove the coolant supports
  • Ball joint pliers
  • 500 cc ball joint flasks
  • Ball joint coolers
  • Vigreux tubes
  • 100 cc and 200 cc flasks for collecting the distillate
  • Apparatus complying with CE safety standards

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