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Enables you to control and check the pressure within sealed bottles and therefore the carbon content of anhydrite in sparkling wines and carbonated drinks in general.

This manual instrument has excellent versatility, since it allows you to:

  • check the pressure changes inside sparkling wine bottles, using traditional methods
  • check "nitrogen" pressure
  • check the air level in vacuum sealed bottles
  • to assess the conduct of synthetic corks and natural corks under pressure
  • to assess the conduct of PET containers under pressure at different temperatures.

The instrument quickly takes accurate measurements of the pressure or depression existing within a sealed bottle, previously filled with liquid. Measurements are taken with a stainless steel needle conveniently moulded and perforated. The needle, manually inserted through the cap of the bottle, transfers the pressure levels to the stainless steel glycerine bath gauge. The 60 mm diameter gauge is located in an optimal position allowing easy level readings.

Can be used on flat top natural cork, synthetic or agglomerated cork of the latest kind. You can even use it on champagne mushroom corks with cages and caps which are previously punctured otherwise the metal sheet should be deleted.

Do not use on crown caps, plastic screw caps, PET and plastic caps with thin wall such as ribbed or smooth mushroom caps and bidules.




Technical description

To control and check the pressure within sealed bottles.

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