Zenith Color (5 Kg)

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Zenith Color (5 Kg)

Potassium polyaspartate based solution for colloid and tartrate stabilization in red wine


  • Potassium polyaspartate A-5D K/SD*, gum Arabic Verek, sulfur dioxide (approx. 0.4%), demineralized water.
  • The application of potassium polyaspartate is protected by EU patent n° EP2694637B and US Patent No. US 10,508,258 B2.

General characteristics:

Zenith Color is an effective, rapid and easy-to-use tool for potassium bitartrate and color stabilization of red and rosé wines.

Zenith Color components were chosen in order to develop a stabilizing agent that is:

  • Effective for tartrate stability: potassium polyaspartate interferes with the formation and growth of potassium bitartrate crystals, thus preventing their precipitation in bottle.
  • Long-lasting stabilizing effect: Zenith Color can stabilize wines for a few years.
  • Effective for color stability: gum Arabic Verek prevents the precipitation of unstable color compounds present in wine.
  • Filterable: the special production process of gum Arabic reduces its clogging effect allowing Zenith Color to be used before final filtration.
  • Respectful of wine quality: no impact on sensory characters; no need for fining to remove unstable color; less risk of oxidation; no loss of aromatics, color and structure.
  • Environmentally sustainable: stabilization with Zenith Color consumes little water, power and is low CO2 producing.
  • Practical, fast and easy: Its application does not require investment in special equipment or specific skilled labor.

The special production process set up by Enartis, makes Zenith Color a clear, yellow colored solution that is suitable for the treatment of rosé wines and is quick and easy-to-use. The low pH and sulfur dioxide content assure a long-lasting microbiological stability of the solution.

The potassium polyaspartate and gum Arabic contained in Zenith Color are non-allergenic compounds.

None of the compounds of the formulation derives from genetically modified organisms.


  • Potassium bitartrate and color stabilization in red and rosé wines


  • Up to 200 mL/hL, maximum permitted dosage in EU.
  • Average dosage: 150 mL/hL
  • 100 mL/hL contributes about 4 mg/L of SO₂ to the wine

Instructions for use:

  • Zenith Color must be added to perfectly clear (turbidity < 2 NTU) and protein stable wine that is ready for bottling.
  • Add Zenith Color as is to wine to be treated, being careful to homogenize well throughout the entire volume. In wines with suitable filterability index, Zenith Color does not significantly modify the filterability and can be added before microfiltration. It is recommended to not cross-flow filter wine after the addition of Zenith Color.

WARNING: Zenith Color reacts with proteins and lysozyme, consequently causing turbidity and precipitate formation. 

Before using Zenith Color it is essential for wine to:

  • be protein stable (rosé wine)
  • not contain residual fining proteins
  • not contain lysozyme
  • not be treated with lysozyme later

The use of potassium polyaspartate does not guarantee the stability of calcium tartrate.

For the above-described reasons, determine the correct Zenith Color dosage by first conducting laboratory trials with increasing dosages and consequent filterability, protein and colloid stability evaluations with commonly used methods (cold test, conductivity, color stability, heat test, filterability index, V max etc.).

Packaging and storage conditions:

  • 5 kg
  • Sealed package: store away from light in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Open package: carefully reseal and store as indicated above.


Product made from raw materials in compliance with:

  • Codex OEnologique International

Product approved for winemaking, in accordance with:

  • Reg. (EU) 2019/934
  • Approved for use in the USA under 27 CFR 24.250. The amount of potassium polyaspartate used must not exceed 100 mg/L of wine. To use at dosages higher than 100 mg/L, please submit request to the TTB. (GRAS Notice No. GRN 000770 - Intended for use as a stabilizer in wine at levels up to 300 mg/L.)


*The code A-5D K/SD identifies the potassium polyaspartate that underwent the toxicological study submitted to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and that after EFSA evaluation, was inserted in the EU list of food additives approved for use in foods (Annex II to Regulation (EC) No 1331/2008) and in the Codex OEnologique International.

Scarica: Fiche de données de sécurité

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