Steel cage hydraulic press 70

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Hydraulic press with stainless steel cage size 70

The hydraulic wine press with stainless steel cage of 70 for sale online at Polsinelli Enologia is a particularly useful tool for small and medium wine production, as thanks to its characteristics and production capacity in relation to the price offered, it is perfectly suited to all requirements.

Manufactured entirely in Italy from carefully chosen materials, the hydraulic wine press with stainless steel 60 cage is distinguished by its drawn steel worm screw, which allows extreme pressing force and excellent durability even after numerous uses. The 70-diameter, 83-cm-high stainless steel cage features removable pins and an epoxy-enamelled, reinforced must basin.

The 70 cm hydraulic press with stainless steel cage and a total weight of 390 kg, denotes its robustness and quality in the choice of each construction element. The 70 hydraulic press with stainless steel cage is delivered complete with pieces and crescents and ready to use.


  • Hydraulic jack with pressure gauge, cast iron
  • Drawn steel screw
  • Reinforced stainless steel cage with removable pins
  • Reinforced steel must basin with gussets
  • Max. operating pressure: 400 atm
  • Cage dimensions: diameter 70 cm; height 83 cm
  • Screw diameter: 70 mm
  • For a production of: 1000 Kg of grapes
  • Total weight: 390 kg



  1. Fill the tank with glycerine oil (supplied with the press) through the hole, which is closed by a tap (14).
  2. Turn the jackscrew to the highest position by turning the nut screw (2), for greater speed; insert the plug (4) into the side hole of the stop ring (3) and bring it into one of the ring joints, thus, as the nut screw turns so does the ring.
  3. Fill the cage with grape pomace; distribute evenly in order to avoid tilting the screw.
  4. Place the half-moon press plates and press blocks onto the pomace  (positioning them as in the photo n.2 below), tighten the nut screw (2) until the jackscrew rests on the wood blocks.
  5. Unscrew the clamps (12) and bring them to the lowest position.
  6. Tighten the knob (which is placed on the discharge unit) and pump, lengthening the lever with the special extension, so that the pistons reach the maximum stroke, when the chain as in the figure above the gauge, stretches, it will be time to reenter the pistons in order to repeat the operation. However you need to first screw the ring (3) until it rests on the jackscrew, thus preventing the jackscrew from rising because of the elasticity of the pomace.
  7. Unscrew the knob (located on the discharge unit) to release the pressure and turn the nut screw (2) until the pistons fall into the chamber, screw the knob on again and pump until you reach 400 atmosphere (visible on the analog gauge), let stand, then pump again to maintain constant maximum pressure. Usually with 2 or 3 strokes, the pressing is complete, after which you have to empty the cage from the grape pomace, do not screw the ring (3) so that the jack rises with the pomace. At this point bring back the pistons to the chamber and move the clamps to the highest position (12) closing them, so that the pistons come out of the chamber. Turn the nut screw (2) and bring it to the highest position of the screw so that the jack will be ready for another pressing.
  8. Be careful Not to exceed 400 atmosphere, because the internal spring is calibrated to this pressure, and if it exceeds this level, the safety valve causes a sudden drop in pressure. 
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