Expellers steel cage lever 40

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Lever press for grape marc with stainless steel cage of 40

The lever press with stainless steel cage of 40 for sale online on Polsinelli Enologia is a particularly useful tool for small and medium wine productions, as thanks to its characteristics and its production capacity in relation to the price offered, it is perfectly suited to all needs.

Entirely made in Italy with carefully chosen materials, the press with stainless steel lever cage of 40 is distinguished by the worm screw in drawn steel, which allows an extreme strength in the pressing and an excellent durability even after numerous uses. The stainless steel cage with a diameter of 40 and a height of 55 cm is characterised by removable pins and a must collection basin enamelled with epoxy paint and reinforced with handkerchiefs.

The 40 cm lever press with stainless steel cage and a total weight of 130 kg, denotes its robustness and quality in the choice of each construction element. The 40 cm lever press with stainless steel cage is delivered complete with pieces and crescents and ready to use.

Technical data

  • Drawn steel screw
  • Stainless steel cage with removable pins
  • Must collecting basin in steel reinforced with handkerchiefs
  • Cage dimensions: diameter 40 cm; height 55 cm
  • Screw diameter: 40 mm
  • For a production of: 250 Kg of grapes
  • Total weight: 75 kg
  • Complete with chunks and crescents



  • Before using the press it is advisable to remove any traces of dust from the internal parts (which will come into contact with the grapes) with a brush and/or air jet and use a damp cloth to clean the cage, crescents and pieces.


  • Remove all internal wood and ensure that the cage is closed using the pins provided.
  • Raise the ratchet upwards along the threaded screw (turning it anticlockwise), fill the cage with the product to be pressed (as in the photo) and position the half-moons (the two robust half-circles made of steamed beech wood) which, once joined, will coincide with the diameter of the cage itself and in the centre will leave a gap only for the central screw. The pieces of wood should be placed on top of these, perpendicular to the direction in which the half-moons have been positioned, as shown in the photo.


  • Lower the ratchet, turning it clockwise, until it rests on the pieces.
  • Position the jumpers, making sure that the tips fit into the circular holes in the crown (the crown is in the ratchet movement).
  • Insert the lever or rod into the hole in the ratchet and secure with the butterfly screw.


  • Stand in front of the lever and grasp it with both hands and move the lever forwards and backwards.
  • The action exerted on the lever determines an advancement of the jumpers from the hole in which they are inserted, to the hole immediately following; this determines the rotation movement of the ratchet downwards, with consequent pressing action of the woods on the product.
  • When the ratchet is lowered until it reaches the upper edges of the cage, it is necessary to interrupt the action, in order to fill the cage with grapes again.
  • Once the last pressing is complete, the winch is returned to the top (by turning it anti-clockwise), all the wood is removed, the cage is removed, the pomace left pressed in the press is extracted and thoroughly cleaned.
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