Pneumatic volumetric doser

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Volumetric doser

The food volumetric doser for sale online on Polsinelli Enologia is a professional quality instrument, designed to help you manage liquids and semi-liquids of all kinds, from oil to wine. The machine can be used in many different sectors, from food to chemical, pharmaceutical and herbal.

The volumetric feeder for foodstuffs is equipped with an effective suction system and a pump that pushes the product towards the feeder nozzle. Polsinelli Enologia's food dispenser is compatible with different types of valves, which can be changed according to the characteristics and density of the liquid to be removed.

To facilitate pouring operations, the dispenser is equipped with a pedal to operate the mechanism: at each impulse of the operator, the dispenser performs the dispensing and then a subsequent suction.

Pneumatic operation powered by compressed air.
(Compressor not included).

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