Basket filter stillage for 200 L pots

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Basket filter stillage for 200 L pots

Characterized by a diameter of 570 mm, the Polsinelli 150/200 L basket strainer for pots is a very useful element during the brewing phase, as it allows to separate, in the easiest and quickest way, the outer shells and the fractions of the grain insolated from the wort. In this way it is possible to carry out the different phases of mashing, sparging and brewing in the same container. Entirely made of stainless steel, the 570 mm basket strainer can also be used in pots equipped with an inlet for inserting the temperature probe and, once the processing phase is over, it can be easily retrieved thanks to the practical handles placed on the edge. The 200 L basket strainer is an extremely effective tool because the metal mesh of its structure has holes of 1.5 mm in diameter that ensure perfect filtering of the raw material. The basket filter available on Polsinelli Enologia is approved for use with 200 L brewing pans but can be made in any size on request.


  • Stainless steel structure
  • Recovery handles
  • Holes of 1.5 mm diameter
  • Diameter: 570 mm
  • Total height: 630 mm
  • Basket height: 600 mm 
  • Height of feet: 30 mm
  • Height of rim reinforcement: 30 mm


Technical description

for 150/200 lt pot

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