All grain Kit Amerikaner for 55 L - German Pale Ale

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All grain Kit Amerikaner for 55 L - German Pale Ale

A kit for brewing a beer with a deep golden colour, which is based on American Pale Ale with the variation of using ingredients made in Germany. The bittering hops lead to slightly spicy notes, while the aroma hops have a very high Mircene content and bring a strong citrus component to the palate and nose.

The kit includes:

  • Malt: Pale Ale, Pilsner
  • Yeast: US-05 or NOTTINGHAM (will be sent the yeast available at the time)
  • Detailed recipe


  • Fermentation temperature: 17° - 22°.
  • Expected alcohol content: 5%.

Unground Grains

Ideal for Easy 50 beer system and Easy 50 Conical 60°.

Stabilise your beer using EMPYRA

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