Empyra - Kit 80

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Empyra - Kit 80

What is Empyra
It is a supplement that blocks the proliferation of microbiology that can develop before fermentation and that cannot be controlled. Empyra is a product made from ingredients that are naturally present in beer, with no added chemicals. Empyra makes it possible to have a cleaner beer at an organoleptic level. These characteristics remain unchanged over time giving repeatability and stability to the beer.

How and when to use Empyra

  • Insert empoule 1 directly into the wort just before inoculating the yeast.
  • Insert empoule 2 in the priming vat for carbonation before bottling.

Empyra dosing
The 20 ml dose of Empyra is suitable for production of 50 to 80 litres of fermenting wort. Empyra acts without interfering with organoleptic factors and alcohol content. For this reason, it is very important to know that Empyra will work the same even if a whole empoule is used in smaller quantities of must (20/30/40 litres). It is possible to use half a dose by storing the closed empoule at room temperature for 1 month.

Technical characteristics:

  • Package: 2 empoules of 20 ml per 50/80 lt of must
  • Storage conditions: room temperature (5-40 °C)
  • Storage period: Up to the expiry date. Once the package is opened, it is recommended to use it within 1 month.
  • % alcohol present: 6% of total liquid
  • Use vial 1: Before inoculating the fermenting yeast directly into the must.
  • Use vial 2: Before bottling.


  • Demineralised water
  • Ethyl alcohol of oenological origin
  • Molecular fractions of polyphenols extracted from grape pips.

Additional Dosing Kits:

  • 100 ml per 400 lt of beer
  • 250 ml for 1000 lt of beer
  • 500 ml for 2000 lt of beer
  • 1000 ml for 4000 lt of beer
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