B7 Direct Malolactic bacteria

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Malolactic bacteria B7 Direct

Acclimatised Oenococcus oeni strain for direct inoculation into white, rosé and red wines.
Suitable for the production of products intended for direct human consumption, within the framework of a regulated oenological use. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/934.

Oenological specificity and properties:

  • High malolactic activity.
  • Rapid kinetics even in wines with a strong tannic structure.

Optimal activity parameters of the LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT strain:

  • LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT enables rapid initiation of MLF.
  • LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT is a very low producer of diacetyl, which makes it possible to preserve the fruity olfactory characters and to reduce the SO2 combination rate in treated wines.
  • LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT is not a producer of biogenic amines.
  • LACTOENOS® B7 DIRECT is a very low producer of volatile acidity.
  • NB: These parameters interact with each other

Physical properties:

  • Appearance: powder
  • Colour: light grey

Chemical and microbiological analysis:

  • Moisture (%) < 8
  • Bacteria (plate count) (CFU/g) > 10¹¹
  • Moulds (CFU/g) < 10³
  • Yeasts (CFU/g) < 10³
  • Acetic bacteria (CFU/g) < 10⁴
  • Coliforms (CFU/g) < 10²
  • E. coli/g abs.
  • Salmonella (/25 g) abs.
  • Staphylococcus (/g) abs.
  • Lead (ppm) < 2
  • Arsenic (ppm) < 3
  • Mercury (ppm) < 1
  • Cadmium (ppm) < 1

Protocol of use:

  • In general, inoculation is recommended as early as possible. Different inoculation methods can be used:

Early co-inoculation (inoculation of the bacteria 24 to 48 hours after the start of alcoholic fermentation). It is recommended that, in musts with
Early co-inoculation (inoculation of the bacteria 24 - 48 hours after the start of alcoholic fermentation).
Late co-inoculation (inoculation at a density of around 1020 - 1010).
Sequential inoculation.

  • Do not use if the packaging is not intact.
  • Keep tank temperature at 20°C. Place the dose of bacteria at room temperature 30 minutes before use. Open and pour the contents of the bag directly into the tank*. Homogenise away from air.
  • Keep wine temperature constant throughout MLF (around 20°C).
  • In difficult conditions (sluggish AF, nutrient-poor substrate or high alcohol content) and to accelerate the kinetics of MLF, add 20 to 40 g/hL of MALOBOOST® activator for malolactic bacteria.
  • Dose of use: respect the volume of wine foreseen for the dose of bacteria (2.5 hL, 25 hL or 250 hL).

* Rehydration is also possible: rehydrate the bacteria in non-chlorinated water at 20°C at a rate of 20 times their weight for a maximum of 15 minutes; then add to the must/wine.

Storage instructions:
On receipt place in cold storage (-18°C or +4°C), in the unopened original packaging.

D.L.U.O. (Date Limit of Optimum Use):

  • 30 months at -18°C.
  • 18 months at +4°C.

Do not use if the packaging is not intact.

Dose for 2.5hL, 25hL ou 250hL.

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