Vineyard wire mm 2,5 - 25 kg

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Vineyard wire mm 2,5 - 25 kg

The vineyard wire is the ideal technical wire for piling in vineyards and orchards. Thanks to it you will have control over the support and weight of the structure as well as the support and containment of the vintage vegetation.

This wire is made of high-strength steel with a class A 5% ZINC+ALUMINIUM coating thanks to GALVALID® technology, which provides excellent development and low elongation and ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion.

The vineyard wire features natural and fully recyclable elements with an ISO 14000 compliant manufacturing cycle. Compared to other yarns, the low thickness/high strength ratio allows much greater lengths to be achieved with a 25kg roll, resulting in considerable cost savings and reduced splicing time.

For correct installation use TORQ TOOL 400 tensioning device and Gripple Plus Medium .


  • Appearance: Coil
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Coil length: 648 mt approx.
  • Coil weight: 25kg
  • Minimum coating mass: 245 g/m²
  • Total resistance: 384kg approx.
  • Maximum tension at installation: 192 kg

Recommended tools for correct installation:

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