Storage tank 1000 L with manhole

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1000 L stainless steel storage tank with door

The 1000 L stainless steel storage tank with door is designed for wine, but can also be used for beer and other food liquids. Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, it has a diameter of 93 cm and a thickness of 1 mm on the walls and 1. 2 mm on the bottom. The storage tank has a capacity of 1000 liters, has three strong stainless steel feet, roof and conical bottom 10° with reinforcements and is equipped with a round door with a diameter of 30 cm placed flush with the bottom to facilitate the escape of liquids. The stainless steel tank with 1000 L door has a 40 cm upper anti-retention cap and is equipped with 1” ENO 30 stainless steel valve for total and partial discharge, a double-acting plastic exhaust valve and ENO 30 stainless steel hose holder for PG 20 and PG 25. It is equipped with a wine-tasting and level sign with stainless steel protection. The tank with 1000 L door has a total height of 195 cm, and the partial ones are 40 cm for the feet, 125 cm for the virola and 30 cm for the roof. The device has a flioreted external finish, with satin welds, and an internal one with mirror polishing that improves the cleaning operations essential to have quality drinks that keep their organoleptic properties unchanged.

Technical characteristics

  • Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Diameter: 93 cm (D1)
  • Total height: 220 cm (H1)
  • Feet height: 40 cm (H2)
  • Virole height: 125 cm (H3)
  • Roof height: 30 cm (H4)
  • Wall thickness: 1 mm
  • Bottom thickness: 1,2 mm
  • 3 stainless steel feet
  • Conical back 10° with reinforcements
  • Conical roof 10°
  • Upper anti-retention clamp 400 mm
  • Total exhaust with stainless steel valve 1” ENO 30 (3)
  • Partial discharge with stainless steel valve 1” ENO 30 (1)
  • Plastic double-acting vent valve
  • Stainless steel wine taster (2)
  • Round gate ø 300 mm (D2)
  • Level sign with stainless steel protection
  • ENO 30 stainless steel tyre for PG 20
  • ENO 30 stainless steel tyre for PG 25
  • Internal finishes: mirror polishing
  • External finishes: fioretted, with satin welds

Apparatus complying with EC safety standards


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